Judy Obersi and Lorrie Rand are Habit Studio, a design partnership based on shared values, work ethic and complementary skill sets.  We believe that thoughtful choices must guide the ways in which we build and inhabit our homes, embracing substance over size and quality over style. Rather than trendy designs, we aim to deliver spaces that embody a sense of timelessness.

    We design spaces to delight the senses, with careful attention to quality of light, material textures and meaningful views. We work to identify and enhance the unique elements that bring comfort and pleasure to particular home owners. We are fascinated by the ways in which people live in their homes and feel privileged to design these intimate spaces.  

    We are committed to the promotion of sustainable building practices. We feel it is our responsibility to design homes that contribute to the comfort and health of the occupants. We have the technical skills to accomplish this while simultaneously saving energy and benefiting the environment.